1st Art


Color: identify and tell difference between warm and cool colors.







Line:  identify and produce thick, thin, solid, broken, dotted, curved, and straight lines.  

                     Associate artists Paul Klee with lines.






Shape: Identify number of lines needed to create geometric shapes,   

  use shapes to create paper cake art and pumpkin patches, 

  identify shapes in famous works of art, and make

   torn paper collages like Jean Arp



Form:  Name 3-D forms associated with 2-D shapes,

use clay/playdough to create those 3-D shapes,  study life and

style of Henry Moore and recreate form in his style















Epiphany:  concentric stars









Chinese New Year:  traditions







Patterned Shamrocks:




Lent Crosses:  



            blue       vs.     rose


Paper Loom


Georgia O'Keefe