4th Art


Color: define tertiary colors and paint a color wheel including them.  Use teritary colors to produce a plaid and explain meaning of its colors.  Identify ROTHKO as a an artist who used teritary colors.

















Line: Define concentric lines and use them to create mazes.  Use lines to create Bar Code art.  Explain how lines can demonstrate movement, and identify KEITH HARING as an artist who shows movement.















Shape: nontraditional shapes can be combined in unique ways,  shapes can show movement, distance and perspective.       Featured Artist: Picasso












Form: cutting paper to make 2-d shapes into 3-D forms














Alberto Giacometti:












Epiphany:  compass stars




















Space: iris folding shamrocks and crosses















Easter:  floss wrapped eggs










Cut Outs:  like Hans Christian Andersen















Straw Loom