5th  Grade  Library Lessons:


September Skills:


Book Care &  

Library Rules


Parts of a Book  

Title, Author, Illustrator, Pages, Cover,

Dust Jacket,  Bar Code,  Call Number,

Publisher, Place of Publication, Copyright,

Dedication, End Pages, Table of Contents,

Index, Glossary, Appendix, Binding, ISBN,

Bibliography, Preface, LCCN


October Skills:

Run-On Sentences






November Skills:

Guide Words





December Skills:

Main Ideas





January Skills:

Fact  vs.  Opinion

February Skills:

   Punctuation Review - Periods


 March Skills:

        Biography components  & 
   Map skills & History of Chocolate


 April Skills:

     Root words, Suffix, Prefix


 May Skills:

   Poetry - Hymns & Songs - imagery