After an introduction to Library Procedures and Care of Books, Student Lessons focus on a letter of the alphabet.

 Each week we discuss the letter, its sound, how to fingerspell it, and items that begin with it.

Then we read a story that reinforces the letter.  Students complete a page in their "Reading Through the Alphabet" booklets which will come home at the end of the year.

 Students check out books weekly. 

I know how to use the library

Aa  is for

Bb is for

Cc is for

Dd is for

Ee is for

Ff  is for

Gg is for

Hh is for

Ii  is for

Jj  is for

Kk  is for

Ll  is for

Mm  is  for

Nn is for

Oo is for

Pp is for

Qq is for

Rr is for

Ss is for

Tt is for

Uu is for

Vv is for

Ww is for

Xx is for

Yy is for

Zz is for