Christine Heike



Born in USA, 1962

1979-1986 Studied at the University of Washington - M. Ed.

"I've decided to live my life under the assumption that every day is like an episode of MacGyver, where all my problems can be solved by some absurd, creative amalgamation of the resources available to me at any given moment."


My father was in the Navy, so I grew up moving every 4 years. Life Lesson = Flexibility


I traveled 3000 miles from Florida and arrived here my sophomore year, in a city where everyone had known each other since Kindergarten.    Life Lesson = Initiative


I worked my way through college at Taco Time.   Life Lesson = Persistence


I've taught children from PreSchool through high school in 8 different schools.  

   Life Lesson = Hands-On-Teaching,  & Humor  are essential


I've seen over 1300 children pass through my classes, mentored dozens of parents and peers, and  raised  three children of my own.  Life Lesson = Humility,  Patience


I've been married 30 years to a wonderful man who is miraculously surviving a battle with cancer.  Life Lesson = Gratitude for the Mercy and Beauty found in each day